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Our Vision

is that the first week of every calendar year will be a significant symbol in the work for world peace and for the future of mankind.

Within this decade the first week of every calendar year will be a week of festivals for peace, celebrating the new opportunities at the beginning of the year.

For the first time in modern history will the world be able to experience ONE WEEK in peace. This symbolic week will give the people of the world new hope and show that it is possible to achieve world peace at the same time.

Our Mission

is to let this vision be known to people all over the world, and to inspire as many as possible to work for the vision continuously.  We will establish a web portal for all peace festivals of the world.

In our vision we can see men, women and children all over the world walking in the streets and working in the fields without fear.

We will monitor the situation in the world to announce when one week in peace has been accomplished. 

Current events

July 2002

August 2002

September 2002

January 2003 First Week Foundation associated with the Department of Public Information

with the United Nations.

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